Front page of a book with the title It's not the farts that kill—it's the smell! Subtitle: False friends and other treacherous words in English–Swedish communication.

My book on false friends is scheduled to be published 20 May 2024. When published, it will cost $6.35 for the first few days. After that, it will be priced at about $17.

False friends are words in two languages (in this case English and Swedish) that look and/or sound similar but have different meanings. Such words can of course be misleading, especially to those who think they have some knowledge of the two languages.

Fart in Swedish means speed, and a Swedish smäll is a crash or bang.

Who would think that gift in Swedish means poison or married? Or that faster is your aunt? And that a tax is a dog? And that when you spy, you vomit. Not to mention what bra means in Swedish, or kiss

And you would need to understand false friends when you hear a cashier in a liquor store ask you, Can you show me your leg? If you have started a new job in Sweden, a trade unionist might ask if you will join the fuck. (He or she just wants to know if you want to be a member of the trade union. The Swedish word fack is short for fackförening, trade union.) Don’t be shocked, but learn to understand false friends. They may cause confusion and even have disastrous consequences.

My book explains the differences between a large number of English and Swedish false friends, gives definitions of the words, and tells you their origin. The book also includes treacherous words such as pocketbook and restroom, which may be confusing to non-native English speakers.

This is a page from the book:

The image is a page from the book, explaining the words backside and bra

My book has got favourable comments from communication experts and translators:

A great addition to anyone’s home library!!!
Peter Hilton, Lead Negotiator

…useful, practical, and amusing to read.
Leon Yousif Barkho, Professor of Media and Communication Sciences

This book is essential reading…
H. Dennis Beaver, attorney and syndicated columnist

What a useful book this is!
Danni Strazar, translator

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And if you have ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation because you misunderstood a word in another language, please let me know.